Let’s Talk Body Image

Let’s talk Body Image

Let’s talk about body image. Let’s talk about body image until women of all sizes are proudly represented within fashion. As a young female I’m so proud of curvier models like Jordyn Woods and Barbie Ferreira who openly voice their…

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Summer Colours

Summer colours

The summer months will be arriving soon so I thought why not get inspired by the different colours we’ll be seeing this summer all over the high street and on the runway too. I’ve been seeing a lot of blush…

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Men Of Style

Men of style

Men’s style has come a long way. Remember when Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ song came out and he had everyone obsessed with wearing large hats? I remember that too like it was yesterday. Not only has men’s style changed but it has…

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Winnie Harlow On Social Media

Winnie Harlow on social media

There’s no denying that 22year old Canadian model, Winnie Harlow is more than a relevant figure on social media. She’s got over 1million follows on her Instagram and she has carved a space for herself online whilst inspiring many along…

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All Power To Her

All power to her

March 8th marked International Women’s Day. It was a day of celebration, a day to honour women and a day to remind ourselves that we have more to do to create change for the next generation of young leading women.…

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We Need Your Help

We need your help

We need your help and support to raise money for our charity towards all our community work we do. We’re raising £3,000 to help fund fashion, art and design classes for young people as well as mental support and personal…

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