The Creative Arts Alternative provision offers expelled students or students on the verge of being expelled a second chance to gain accredited courses in a creative and educative environment. We oer an alternative approach to the traditional educational schooling system for students that seek a more creative approach to learning that will suit their needs. We do not discredit the educational system nor do we believe in substituting subjects like Literature and Science for subjects in the Creative Arts but we want to give those students that have a passion for the Creative Arts an alternative Route.

Alternative provision

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Students that don’t perform well academically or find it difcult to benefit from the educational system may show signs of behavioural issues and poor attendance. This certainly needs to be addressed and our alternative provision programme acts as another way to educate young students within the area of the Creative Arts.

The students that enrol on our programme have an array of accredited courses to choose from in the Creative Arts.

Available Courses