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Bringing A Difference To Creative Education

Skills Jam

In partnership with London borough of Newham we worked with the local authority on a two-year contract offering young people a wide range of courses working in partnership with 6 other partners including: Mechanical Engineering, Fashion, Hair & Beauty, Sports Coaching, Vehicle Maintenance, Cookery, Street & Contemporary Dance, Music, Radio & TV, Film and Construction. The course also heavily engaged and involved in assisting young people on progression routes in their desired career path either through apprenticeships, training or employment and work experience.

We delivered through this partnership BTEC Diploma level 1 and 2 to young people referred to us that were not in education, employment or training. (NEETS).


Working in partnership with Newham College to deliver a SSW contract delivering training to adults

Newham College

Working in partnership with Newham College to deliver a SFA contract working with young people aged 16-18 delivering Btec Diploma and Fashion Apprenticeships.

Cumberland School

We received a number of students that showed signs of challenging behaviour and engaged them in our alternative provision programme which was a great success.


We ran a level 1 and 2 fashion qualification contracted by Elatt in partnership with Ape media.

The contract allowed us to run a project for young mums and young adults aged 19-24 as well as young people between those ages that were not employed or in training. We delivered a fashion diploma level 1 and 2 which was 100% achieved by the young people.

St Angelas

We delivered a day workshop for 35 challenging students from St. Angelas. It was a successful day as they learned about employability within fashion and received taster sessions in fashion.


We received a number of students that showed signs of challenging behaviour and engaged them in our alternative provision programme which was a great success.

E13 Academy

We provided our alternative provision to engage and involve students on a level 1 fashion qualification. The programme helped the students understand the different roles and departments within the fashion industry and helped address preconceived assumptions about the fashion industry.

Royal docks

We worked with Royal Docks to provide creative arts and crafts workshops and provided the disability department students with a day workshop that were tailored to their interests and specific needs.

Grange primary

We worked with Grange Primary and engaged with the students to do an arts and crafts programme for the period of 8 weeks for their challenging children. It was a great way for the students to channel their energy and express their creativity.

Haverstock School

We received a number of students that showed signs of challenging behaviour and engaged them in our alternative provision programme which was a great success.


We provided a fashion course for Langdon school for the duration of a year and provided the students with our level 1 fashion course.

Newham Alternative Provision (NAP)

The Newham Alternative Provision work for Newham Borough.
All the alternative provisions run in Newham are referred through the local authority NAP. For example the students from Langdon were referred to us through NAP.

Most of the children we receive on our programme are referred to us from NAP however we also work directly with schools and universities to offer our services.

Peacock Academy

Caramel Rock and Peacock Academy worked to deliver a service for Newham Alternative Provision for a two year contract.

Newham mayor summer show

The Mayor’s Newham Show took place in July at Central Park, East Ham marking the start of free events for the whole family.We were contracted to deliver a fashion show at the summer show which was a great way for students to showcase their work.

02 Event

We delivered a fashion show at the 02 this was a great way to build our students confidence and help them to work hard to finish their pieces before the show. The students found it to be a worthwhile experience that helped them understand the different roles and elements that contributed to creating a fashion show.

The hub event

This was a Community based fashion event for local residents that took place in East London, Canning town. With our experience of working on fashion shows over the years we have gained a high track record of delivering high quality shows and community events.

Micro disability project Newham

We delivered workshops for those with disability that want to set up their own project. We also use our services to help support local businesses.

Olympics (2012)

We delivered a fashion show at the 2012 Olympic event. On the main stage our students were able to showcase their final designs that they had been working for on for months. 1,000 people attended the event and it gave the students a platform to show their creative designs.

University of East London

At the University of East London we guest spoke to students interested in setting up their own businesses.

Shipman project

The Shipman Youth Centre engages young people in various activities and sports after school hours which keep them active and involved in what they want to do. We ran our employability project with the students and also provided a dance workshop.

Work experience projects

We have worked alongside the Job centre, Newham College and Newham Education Business Partnership (NEBP) in order to offer work experience for students in Newham.

Adult workshops

We provide local people a fee for taking part in our fashion evening classes. Our classes are based on learning the practicalities of sewing and making garments.

We have listed only some our experiences and insight on the work and services we provide on a community level and higher education. We continue to do more and push the envelope and boundaries of what it means to work in the fashion industry.