Success Story


One of our past students that enrolled on our alternative provision programme was expelled from school and was sent to us. She specialised in Fashion & Clothing and received a BTEC Level 1 certificate through our programme. She had no qualications prior coming to us and suered from low self -esteem which resulted in her self-harm. However through our programme she became committed to her course by showing full attendance and developed in conconfidence. She began to see herself didifferently and as a result understood her full capabilities, talents and strengths.


We had a referral from young oending team (YOT). He specialised in photography and showed signs of challenging behaviour. He also had preconceived conceptions as thought the photography course was tailored for girls alone. However he realised it was for everyone and changed his outlook and perspective on Creative Arts and what he could contribute to the course. He changed his attitude towards himself and became a hardworking young student. During the course of the programme he had a court hearing we helped him by doing a reference for him which stated how well he was doing. The reference was read out in the court hearing. He later went to enrol at Newham College.


We had a learner who had been 3 months clean from drug substances. She successfully completed the level 1 diploma in Fashion and Clothing course with us. She secured with low self- esteem but found a way to use our Fashion and Clothing course to express herself and channel her expression in a positive way. She learnt to appreciate her skills and creativity through our course and after she went on to college to further her education.


Joanna and Susanna. These two sisters Joanna and Susanna enrolled on our course and achieved a Level 2 BTEC. They started o at a high level and showed great hard work ethic, perseverance and determination in our course. They even helped assist at the London Fashion week and have also set up their own clothing line.